Miss Junior Dollywood


General Information

General Information:

Event Date: Sunday, July 1st 2018

Location: St. Stephens Lutheran Hall 2807 Newkirk Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Entry Fee: $ Cost of 10 tickets

Age Division:

  • Little Miss 7-9 (age as of date of pageant)
  • Miss Junior 10-12 (age as of date of pageant)
  • Teen Miss 13-15 (age as of date of pageant)

(We reserve the right to make changes to the age divisions if necessary)

Space is limited: first eight (8) contestants in each division to submit a completed application (includes registration fee).

Deadline to enter the pageant is June 12, 2018: No refunds!!!


There will be one queen and two runner-ups (princesses) in each division.  Winners will receive a trophy, crown, sash, flowers, and cash prize.  Runners-ups will receive a trophy, a sash, and crown.  Each contestant will receive a trophy.  Other prizes include Ms. Congeniality, Talent Star, Spokesperson, Pageant Scholar, and Sales Queen.


Rehearsal / Requirements

There will be a rehearsal before the event (Date TBA).  Please use the Stage Diagram  in the Contestant Information Packet for your child to practice working the stage.


Contestants are required to sell ten (10) tickets to the event (paid in advance as entry fee).   

Only two adults per contestant will be allowed in the dressing room area.  Contestants will receive two complimentary chaperone ticket. 

Contestants are encouraged to sell sponsor tickets to assist with the cost of entering the pageant (entry fee, clothing, accessories, etc). 

Contestants will be judged on the following:


(casual wear, dressy casual, trendy & stylish)

Your chance to show off your personality and sense of style. Contestants will select from a list of songs for this category. 

  • Overall first impression (sense of confidence, style of outfit)
  • Sense of attractiveness (hair, make-up, accessories-all age appropriate)
  • Stage presence (modeling, personality, relating to audience)


Ideas for Talent Competition

Choose a talent that your child feels VERY comfortable with. If she excels in martial arts, let her perform a routine at the pageantIf you are constantly telling her she’s a drama queen, let her perform a dramatic monologue or recite a poem.  If she knows every dance routine on Disney channel, let her dance.  Use her gifts!  This pageant is all about enhancing self-esteem in our young ladies.

  • Stage presence (sense of confidence)
  • Originality of talent
  • Totality of all elements (including costume, props, voice, use of body, choreography)
  • Overall performance


(girls will be escorted on stage- father, grandfather, uncle, godfather, brother, etc, or an escort will be provided)

  • Overall first impression (sense of confidence, style of gown, movement, as well as gown compliments age)
  • Sense of attractiveness (hair, make-up, accessories -age appropriate)
  • Stage presence (poise, grace, style)

Speech-articulation of answer (contestants will respond to a pre-selected interview question)

Contact Information

Email: missjuniordollywood@gmail.com

Phone: 347-984-0837